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There are a lot of plastic manufacturers out there, but not all of them have the same level of experience or quality. Pro Plastics has been working with some of the top brand names in the business for decades, and we know their best products inside and out. Trust us to deliver quality products that meet your exact specifications.

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Nissei® is a manufacturer of high performance horizontal and vertical injection molding machines: 7 ton thru 1,500 ton. Electric, hydraulic, high speed, and two color machines.

Moretto North America, the fastest growing plastics material handling company in North America, is proud to supply the latest technology in Conveying, Blending, Drying, Bulk Storage, Size Reduction, Heat Transfer and Plant Control solutions. Backed by its 163 active patents, we are sure to supply you with Industry Leading Technology that will save you on your daily operating expenses and also give you early warning detection of processing problems before they happen.

Nissei ASB offers 1 and 2 step injection stretch blow molding machines for food, beverage, cosmetic and custom molded container products.

Pneumatic and servo sprue pickers, 3-axis and 5-axis servo robots.

A Nissei-owned company that allows us to provide larger 2 platen molding machines up to 7000 tons.

Single screw extruders for profile, pipe and reclaim. Mini to 6” extruders.

The HopperSlide allows you to change materials quickly with little effort and no tools, reduces the amount of wasted material during material changes, and is easy to remove and reinstall quickly.

Matsui is a worldwide leader of innovative plastics-processing equipment. Matsui’s flagship resin dryer model MJ6-i once again sets the industry-standard for energy-savings, dependability and quality-performance that the plastics industry has come to expect. Matsui’s other products include slow-speed granulators SMGL3, loaders JL4, mold-temp controllers MC5, and blenders JCW2 & JCGB. Matsui’s solution products eliminate many hurdles in plastics processing: material-moisture, cosmetic defects, contamination, wasted material, blending inaccuracy, static, and most importantly- machine downtime.

Downstream extrusion including vacuum sizing, pullers, cutters and saws.

Plastic injection units for multi-material molding.

Automation systems, design and integration

Silos, tilters, dumpers, surge bins, mixers, blenders, material tubing hardware, couplers, flex hose and components.

Mold temperature controllers, chillers and towers.

Kosmek offers productivity solutions with Work Clamping Systems, Quick Mold Change Systems, Quick Die Change Systems, Diecast Clamping Systems

Belt conveyors and part separation.

Smartflow® aluminum, stainless steel and modular water manifolds. SWAP® valves, mold temp regulators, moldtender. Limit switches and accessories.

Screws and barrels for all machine manufacturers.

Designing, manufacturing and rebuilding feed screws, barrels, tips and end caps for injection molding and extrusion machines.